Peugeot 306 Cabriolet LED high-stop brake light


Replacement LED brake light strip to fit inside the original housing.

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Custom PCB with 10x red LEDs DIY brake light kit.


Replace the damaged, worn out standard high stop light in the deck lid of your N5 (1997>) Peugeot 306 Cabriolet with this bright, maintenance-free LED unit.  Uses the original housing and lens.


I have always loved the look of the LED lights you see on vehicles everywhere these days when compared to a filament bulb; the instant-on, instant-off pulse opposed to a gradual increasing-decreasing glow.  I tend to be less mesmerised by the LED’s, with their stark abruptness demanding your attention.  And for good reason too, some of the designs and innovation present in many models are very well thought out, and the increased possibilities have given designers free reign so the aesthetics have also improved significantly.


As a solution to a problem I had with my 1997 306 drop-top, I designed and had made a few of these circuit boards.  The original filament bulbs had all but burnt out and when I eventually managed to get the housing out from the bootlid I discovered most of the contacts had rusted and broken away, but the lens and body were still good and useable.


So I came up with this, a perfectly designed 10-LED circuit arranged in exactly the correct way to fit into the plastic housing and lens.  This is a perfect little DIY project and a great upgrade to the decklid-mounted high-stop brake light of your Peugeot 306 Cabriolet.


Kits come complete with all components:

  1. Circuit PCB x1
  2. 5mm red LED’s x10
  3. 1kΩ 1206 SMD resistors x2

or it can be supplied assembled at no extra cost, however will require some soldering to connect to the factory wires.


This LED strip has been designed to be versatile; by changing the LED’s from red to white you have a handy worklamp.  You could even make a multi-coloured disco-bar for those workshop gatherings… the choice is yours!


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Additional information

Dimensions 305 × 13 × 12 cm
LED colour

Red, White, Random multi-colour


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