Join us for the next hour because here goes with my 3 favourite videos currently available for viewing.  I choose one video from 3 different “themes” and bring them all together here as a mini-digest of what I think you would like to see but would otherwise have missed…  Enjoy!!


1. The Original Race to the Clouds.

The Pikes Peak Hillclimb in Colorado is synonymous with racing fans around the world.  Now, over 100 years since it first started, the famous battle of the mountain still retains its huge diversity of entrants, both man and machine, and has recently welcomed a new breed of racecar; this silent beauty is all electric.



2. In Russia, snowy hill climb you.

Welcoming all comers to this open, free-for-all event at an icy gradient near you, the Battle of the Bravest, the Fight of the 4WD’s is on now!!  Who will emerge triumphant at the top, and who will slip and slide backwards into oblivion?  Let the contest commence!



3. Back on home turf.

Heading down to my old stomping ground as Adam C presents a Facebook-organised car meet in central London, bringing out a plethora of supercars and unique rides.  Incredible action for the fans, but not liked so much by the boys in blue (actually, hi-vis jackets, but you get me).



As ever, please comment and leave your requests and suggestions for future Top 3 editions!  Until next time.


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  1. Laurence


    That was awesome! The car scene in London is mental, why can’t the cops just get on board with it?

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