evolutionindustrial began as an idea from the mind of its founder, kramer, to bring together his passions and works into a portfolio showcase and display it for all the world to see and enjoy.

Originally a Flash site, it represented the efforts expended up to that time and betrayed any actual skill.



After many years of oppression, misguided pursuits and the entrapment of full-time study, kramer returns, fresh from a long-anticipated reformation with a story to tell, a means by which to share it and with the energy required to relaunch evolutionindustrial into the public sphere once again.

This brand new venture is a stark departure from that which came before and is poised to bring long-term exposure and success to those that seek it.  We are building a place that will inspire, guide and fulfil the pursuits of those wishing for something a little different.

Here you will find some useful, interesting and inspiring works of genius and insanity, or just plain silly stories and anecdotes, with something that will at least brighten up the overcast, rain-laden skies of your miserable day.



Join with us as we carve a path, forge ahead and move into the unknown.  The road may be dim, but it is not entirely dark.  Who knows, we might even find (or create) something that will enlighten all of us…

This work in progress will continue to evolve industrially as time goes by so stay tuned, stick around and keep it locked for new content and regular updates!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to berate, jibe, mock, patronise or otherwise poke fun at you…. ; D


All the best,



– evolutionindustrial


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